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Identity and interface design for HKU GUILD

UI/UX Design
Visual Identity

The HKU GUILD is a global creative home to a prestigious collective of more than 10 interactive and interdisciplinary programmes and projects. Anchored in a unique and customized space, the HKU Black Box, the HKU GUILD was founded in 2012 on the new Centennial Campus.

During my work with HKU GUILD, I was responsible for designing web interfaces and visual identities for various projects, including ‘Journeying’ and ‘Landings of the Footless Bird’.

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遊誌JOURNEYING is a powerful new brand of creative writing and multimedia arts based at The University of Hong Kong. The website features ‘Yuan Yang: A Journal of Hong Kong and International Writing’ with various works across the globe.

For the visual identity, I incorporated a minimal and elegant visual language that corresponds well to the traditional Chinese calligraphic style, refering back to the journal’s origin. Besides the website layouts, I designed a logo and a set of bespoke illustrations. The logo indicates ‘Yuan Yang’ which means a unique drink in the Hong Kong context, and two Mandarin ducks in the Chinese context.

Landings of the Footless Bird is a podcast series on the lives and stories of Hong Kongers. I designed the podcast’s website and visual identity, featuring the illustration of a footless bird and Hong Kong landscape. The color palette was inspired by the TVB logo and Hong Kong nightlife.

HKU GUILD (The University of Hong Kong)
Designers:Anh Ngo, Otis Gordon
Year:2022 - 2023