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Abe of Great Apes 

Brand Identity
2D & 3D Illustration

Abe is the bespoke mascot designed for the award-winning design and development studio Great Apes. The inspiration for Abe's design comes from the studio's logo, which features a monolith. The name Great Apes and the monolith both come from the “2001: A Space Odyssey” movie. Derived from the iconic movie, Abe embodies the evolution of technology and Great Ape's creative journey through a series of distinctive personas. The Abe characters and new color palette appear in Great Apes’s official brand assets, posters, merchandise, office space, and social media.

— Bronze in ‘Corporate Illustration’, European Design Awards, 2023
— Silver in ‘Young Creatives’, Vuoden Huiput, 2023

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Client: Great Apes
Designer:Anh Ngo
Year: 2023